Asked Questions

What are the costs of opening an Avenue account?

Registration fee: ZERO
Management Fee: ZERO
Fixed Exchange Fee: ZERO

Orders up to US$1,000.00 – US$2.50
Orders between US$1,000.01 and US$2,000.00 – US$5,00
Orders above US$2,000.00 – US$10,00

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Is it safe to invest with Avenue?

Avenue is a broker-dealer subject to the legal structure of the United States, registered with FINRA and an SIPC (Securities Investor Protection Corporation) member, which covers client’s
funds up to US$500,000.00 (max US$250,000.00 in cash)

Additionally, all our representatives are appropriately licensed and registered. You can find our records on Brokercheck-Finra.

Does Avenue recommend an investment portfolio?

Yes, as our client, you will have access to our automatized investment recommendation services.

We also display several model portfolios that may help you decide where to invest.

Will I have any assistance when investing?

Yes, our team is composed of highly trained and certified professionals ready to assist at every moment.
We speak Portuguese, English and Spanish and are available all business days between 8:00am and 5:00pm EST.

How do I transfer funds to my Avenue account?

One of our differentials is the ease with which you may deposit and withdraw funds from your account.

To start, you may send funds to your account though a Wire directly from your bank and in few minutes your funds will be identified and automatically made available in our platform
(receipts are not a requirement).

Once the funds are on the account, you may perform an international transfer to the United States though the services that are integrated in our platform. Transfers take at most several seconds and your funds are instantly available in your American investment account.

Open your account in a just few minutes.

Open your account in minutes

Our Purpose

We are an American broker-dealer, developed by experienced Brazilian executives. Our purpose is to include investors who reside in Latin America into the American financial system.