“Commonly Asked Questions”

Together with our support team we have selected the most commonly asked questions to help you in a more practical, objective and accessible way.

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Thinking about facilitating operations for those who are starting, as well as for more seasoned investors who decided to consolidated all operations abroad on a single platform, we have provided our customers with an integrated exchange.

We offer integration and operational comfort through international exchange services performed by our partner Bexs Banco de Câmbio S/A.

Once your account is opened, you will receive the necessary information to make your first deposit at the broker by clicking on DEPOSIT on MY ACCOUNT.

The deposit is made via TED from any Brazilian bank that you are the primary account holder. We recognize your ownership by CPF and as soon as the transfer is recognized (usually between 15 min and 2 hours), the amount is made available in your Avenue account in reais.

You can quickly access deposit information: (https://pit.avenue.us/my-account)  Next to balance by clicking on DEPOSIT you can see the transfer information. Transfers will only be accepted after opening your account.

After the funds are in reais in the account, it is still necessary to carry out the exchange. On the CAMBIO tab you can enter the value you want to convert. Be aware of the exchange effective date (it can be instantaneous or for the next business day). Depending on your choice the exchange is made immediately or only for the next day.  If you choose the option D+1 the values are available for operation in the American market on the next business day only.

Easy, simple and fast! As it should be.

If your funds are already in dollars, you may deposit directly here in the US.

To be able to identify this deposit we need some additional documents such as proof of account ownership (a document containing your full name and the account number) as well as a transfer receipt.  It is important to note that when making this transfer it will not be possible to generate in your account our Income Tax report. Transfer information can be obtained through the “dollar transfer” topic on the chat.

Only transfers of the same ownership will be accepted.

The settlement date for stock trading is two (2) business days after the trading date. Withdrawals can only be requested after settled.

Ex.: Sale held on Monday 04/06
Sale settles on Wednesday 04/08.

Following this example, the exchange can be requested only on 04/08, the date the resources are settled. If the exchange is requested on 04/08 you can request the direct withdrawal in reais to your registered account the following business day (04/09).

When performing an exchange, you are given two options: immediate or next business day. You can check which one you have chosen on the REPORT – EXCHANGE REPORT tab. “Default” means that the values will only be available for next business day operations and “immediate” is for the same day, that is, the funds are only immediately available if you chose immediate exchange.

You can confirm the type of exchange made in the Reports tab, by clicking on Exchange Reports: https://pit.avenue.us/reports/forex

Your Avenue account is a cash account. This type of account means you are only allowed to buy with the net balance.

That is, if you sold an asset today, funds will settle only two business days after the sale. It is possible to buy without the balance being settled, due to market trust on a future payment, but if you break market trust by selling positions acquired with unsettled funds, there will be a violation on your account known as a GOOD FAITH VIOLATION. Consequently, assets sold before they are paid in full will incur this penalty. See the video bellow to better understand.

How else can we assist you? If you have questions about the operation of our Platform, click here and watch our latest tutorial with our Platform navigation expert.

Any other questions? See our full FAQ here.. You can contact us through our email: [email protected] or through our chat with a live agent.