Up to 10 monthly free trades. After using these brokerages, it will follow the standard price list of the Premium plan.


Unlimited access to the materials made available on our platform. Brokerage follow the progressive values in the table below.

Orders of up to US$100.00

US$ 1.00 per order

Orders between US$ 100.01 - US$ 1,000.00

US$ 1,50 per order

Orders between US$ 1,000.01 - US$ 2,000.00

US$ 4.30 per order

Orders over US$ 2,000.00

US$ 8.60 per order

Fractional shares

The execution of fractional share orders will have the same cost as the execution of whole share orders.

There are no maintenance fees

US$ 0

ACAT Incoming (External)

US$ 0

DTC Deliveries / Receives

US$ 15.00 per position

Internal Transfer (DriveWealth x Avenue)

US$ 0

DWAC Transfer

US$ 150.00 per position


Local/USA: US$ 75.00
International: US$ 150.00

DRS Transfer

US$ 150.00 per position

Through Avenue systems there are no costs for depositing or withdrawing.


R$ 0.00


R$ 0.00

If you choose to deposit or withdraw by third party systems.

USA Domestic Deposit

US$ 0.00

Auxiliary IR reports will be disabled

International Deposit

US$ 0.00

Auxiliary IR reports will be disabled

USA Domestic Withdrawal

US$ 25.00

International Withdrawal

US$ 35.00

Exchange cost: R$0.00

IOF (0,38%)

Dollar rate: Commercial dollar + spread

Tax Certification (W-8)

US$ 2.00 (one-time cost – first funding)

Processing and service fees assessed by third parties may be passed through to the customer's account. Some products and services may require additional fees or transaction minimums notspecifically listed here. Prior to placing a trade or requesting any services, it is the customer's responsibility to ask Avenue if any additional fees will apply.

* TED: Some banks charge the customer TED fees when sending remittances. Check with your bank if there is a cost for sending TED. Avenue will not charge any additional fees to receive the remittances.

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